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Vassula fought from within: correction

Vassula Rydén is an orthodox clairvoyant, but of fully Catholic faith (including the Rosary), which I have been following since the very beginning. She has been made the object of several attacks, both direct and indirect, which have echoed in Rome and in the office of the orthodox Patriarch. Those false rumors have known sources who mainly attack her because she wishes to unite all churches under the Pope (a fully Orthodox and fully Catholic faith has recognized cardinal Grech of the congregation for the faith Doctrine).

A third source of slander has recently made its appearance, which seems to be coming from within True Life in God. Indeed, a Dutch woman, Anthippie Dimozandos who was once a member of True Life in God and interpreted it in her way, has started accusing it of diverse mistakes. Vassula, Father John Abberton and Father Vincent Cosatti excluded her from True Life in God and denounced her publications. Make of note of the tortuous traps of Hell that are relentlessly tossed at the beneficial influence of Vassula Rydén despite the ratification of cardinal Gresh.

We should therefore only refer to the only testimony of Vassula that’s now available in one volume: True Life in God - 2013 - available at Parvis, Switzerland (*1).

The complete work of True Life in God is available in French at the following address and at your bookseller:

 Editions du Parvis
 CH 1648 Hauteville - SUISSE
 Tel : +41 (0) 26 915 93 93

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